Volatile organic compounds (VOC) is a collective name for a group of hydrocarbon compounds that evaporate easily. VOC are related to a number of different environmental problems including climate change, smog and acidification. VOC can also have an adverse effect on human health.

In printing, VOC are often used as solvents in cleaning products and in the form of IPA. IPA is only used in the offset printing process. Replacing and/or reducing the consumption of VOC, ensures that they create fewer health and environmental risks. In our web-shop you will find products, which are VOC free, including print inks, cleaners and the moistening waters required for the offset printing process.



Developing the first sustainable ink in the world

Seven years ago Green4Print developed the first ink in the world that is completely free of toxic oils. Much has changed since then. We’d love to tell you our story.

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