Mission and vision

Green4Print creates added value by bringing together people and knowledge and products across all stages of the printing cycle to bring about a sustainable printing industry.

Green4Print is one of the leading suppliers to the global printing industry. We recognise our responsibility in terms of future generations with regard to climate and the use of raw materials. We innovate to come up with lasting solutions and believe that sustainability results in economic value.

Green4Print wants to be acknowledged and recognised as a leading sustainable supplier to the printing industry. We aim to have a broad portfolio of ecological products based on organic raw materials. When selecting suppliers, the well-being of people directly and indirectly involved in production processes is also of paramount importance. Green4Print is responding to an increasing demand for responsible working during the entire cycle of 'printing' in the broadest sense of the word.

Green4Print will also take a pioneering role in future product development to achieve our mission



Developing the first sustainable ink in the world

Seven years ago Green4Print developed the first ink in the world that is completely free of toxic oils. Much has changed since then. We’d love to tell you our story.

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