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Green4Print is a young and innovative supplier to the graphic industry. The ink we use to print the packages for our food contains a lot of harmful substances, like pigments, binders, extenders and additives. Those substances are suspected to be carcinogenic. The conventional inks, used nowadays, still don’t meet the certain quality standards, set by the European Union. However, Green4Print banishes all those ‘suspected substances’ and replaces them with unharmful and most important: renewable recourses.

Green4Print is forward-thinking in the graphic industry. We pursue sustainable and ecological products which are much more healthy to produce for the people who work with. Of course, this should not detract from the quality of the product and how it reacts on the presses in your printing house. Alongside the ambition to make these ‘green’ inks, the products of Green4Print also have economic benefits.

Our philosophy is based on the provision of extra attention to our clients and in that way, together we will find a solution for the matter about sustainability that is now going on in our industry and in the world. Green4Print has a lot of knowledge about this matter and about her products, and we would like to engage with other companies and institutes and exchange information to achieve our goal. We owe that to our next generation!

Do you believe in the philosophy of the future? You can try our inks now, to convince yourself of our vision and quality.



Developing the first sustainable ink in the world

Seven years ago Green4Print developed the first ink in the world that is completely free of toxic oils. Much has changed since then. We’d love to tell you our story.

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