ISEGA certification

Companies engaged in the preparation, processing, treatment, packing, transport and distribution of food must identify all aspects of the production process to identify and analyse it for risks and hazards. This monitoring process, coming from the European Union, is aimed at ensuring that the production process of all foods is associated with the minimum risk of contamination. This also includes the printing process, as Green4Print features products in its range that are related to this and are certified for use in the food and allied industries. The products can use the ISEGA certification mark to play an essential role for food and allied industries, which have to work in accordance with H.A.C.C.P. guidelines. Pollution is a "critical point" and needs to be constantly monitored. ISEGA-approved products contribute to a controlled work environment.



Developing the first sustainable ink in the world

Seven years ago Green4Print developed the first ink in the world that is completely free of toxic oils. Much has changed since then. We’d love to tell you our story.

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