Company Profile

Green4Print operates an eco-philosophy and promotes cooperation between companies that are committed to a cleaner printing process and a healthier working environment for all employees throughout the production chain. Basically Green4Print focuses on the production of organic printing inks for the sheet-fed offset industry. These are bio-based and easy to fit into the commercial and printing process. For us, nature is not only a source of raw materials, but also a source of inspiration for design and process technology.

With our product development, we are focusing on the global demand for sustainable products. 'Sustainability' in this case must be set in a broad perspective. We are not talking about ' now ' and ' later '; we are talking about 'here' and 'elsewhere'. That is what we call (international) corporate social responsibility. 


For us, passion, vision and motivation are the ingredients for our daily work. We develop new products, make ground-breaking choices and go across borders, both literally and figuratively with import and export. Healthy entrepreneurship is indispensable in this. We indentify the opportunities and make the difference.

Green4Print endorses the circular economy with its products. In today's economy, raw materials are processed in products that are destroyed after use. The circular economy assumes that raw materials will be reused. Green4Print explicitly seeks cooperation with the Crade2Cradle Institute EPEA, to properly flesh this out.


Green4Print is the first company in its branch to receive this score. Material health is an important port of the whole Cradle-to-Cradle program, where they examines the identification and exposure of chemical toxics during the production, the use and the end of the use of the product. 

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