Why Green4Print?

VOC emissions
Volatile organic compounds (VOC) is the umbrella term for a group of hydrocarbon compounds that evaporate easily. Those compounds are related to a high number of different environmental problems we are coping with now. Including, but not limited to climate change, smog and acidification. VOC can have an adverse effect on human health.

For printing, VOC are often used as solvents in cleaning products and in the form of Isopropyl alcohol (which will only be used in offset printing). Replacing and/or reducing the consumption of VOC, ensures us that fewer health and environmental risks occur.
In our web shop you’ll find products which are fully VOC free, including print inks, cleaning materials and the moistening waters required for the offset printing process.

CO2 Footprint
The term ‘footprint’ is used to measure the impact of our activities on earth. CO2-footprint is a way to measure CO2 emissions, resulting the usage of fossil fuels. Within the graphic- and media sector the reduction of CO2 starts to be more current every year. The associations for these sectors in Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland and the Netherlands have developed a calculator to figure out the footprint of your own company. This way, you can see how your operation is doing and on what points you can improve, both on organizational level as well as product level.

The products of Green4Print are making a positive contribution to improving your CO2 footprint.

Migration of toxic compounds
Extensive laboratory research, done by watchdog ‘Foodwatch’ shows that the packages of pastas, rice, cornflakes and other foods are contaminated with harmful mineral oil. Those are derived from printing ink. Of the Dutch products examined in the research, more than 43% appeared to be contaminated with so-called MOAHs (FoodWatch, 2015). These "Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons" are suspected of being carcinogenic and capable of damaging your DNA. These volatile substances migrate through the cardboard packaging into our food. Green4Print’s inks contain no toxic substances or MOAHs, and are thereby completely safe for the consumer and for the recycling process.


Green4Print is the first company in its branch to receive this score. Material health is an important port of the whole Cradle-to-Cradle program, where they examines the identification and exposure of chemical toxics during the production, the use and the end of the use of the product. 

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