For a long time, people considered our natural resources endless. A lineair system was preserved: resource extraction, applying and disposing of those used materials. We call this ‘cradle to grave’. Today, we know for sure that winning those resources damage our environment and that our natural resources will dry up in the future. How fast this will happen, that’s up to us.

When something is so-called ‘Cradle-to-Cradle’, this means, that the resources used for this product are recycled, without losing value or quality. Cradle-to-Cradle uses the principle: waste is equal to food. All materials used for Cradle-to-Cradle products can be recycled and can be applied for other causes. This is an important way to treat our natural resources better and decrease the damage we do to our environment. We create a clean circle of recycling, that is healthy and safe for our environment. The resources we use, can only be used after a very strict selection process. Besides that, we only use renewable sources.

Our products are biocompatible: When we combine ink with paper, this can safely be reused in other products. Furthermore, our products and residual streams can come back to the soil as a nutrient. This reduces costs for processing waste.

Last but not least, Green4Print is completely free of soy- and vegetable oil. We choose to do so, because it has a positive impact on biodiversity. This is a demand of Cradle-to-Cradle to deal with the issues in the supply chain. We will never use resources gained by deforestation or other ways of destroying nature.



Green4Print is the first company in its branch to receive this score. Material health is an important port of the whole Cradle-to-Cradle program, where they examines the identification and exposure of chemical toxics during the production, the use and the end of the use of the product. 

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