Let us introduce ourselves to you

Green4Print is a young, innovative supplier to the graphic industry. In 2012, a Dutch company (FoodWatch) that is concerned about the issue of food safety, found out that inks being used for printing packages, contain toxic gasses. Those substances, among other things: pigments, binders, thinners and additives, are suspected of being carcinogenic.

approximately one year before this research came out, the retired chemist Jack Baarends was approached by a former colleague. The Chinese government had asked this colleague, if he could developing eco-friendly inks to print textbooks for children. He asked for Baarends’ help. After this project was finished, in The Netherlands the research of FoodWatch came out. Baarends thought his ink could solve this problem. He started looking for other people interested in this mission. He came in contact with Eco-point, producer of sustainable cleaning supplies. In 2012, Green4Print was established by Baarends, Eco-point and other interested entrepreneurs.

Since the establishment, we are tested by multiple independent institutions. At this moment, we possess different certificates for low migration, quality of color, health and compostability. In addition, Green4Print is declared fully Cradle-to-Cradle.

Green4print clearly has a pioneer role in the graphic industry. We pursue sustainable products, which are also healthy and safe for the consumer and the people who work in printing houses. Of course, won't affect the quality of the product and the printing properties. Besides being fully sustainable, Green4Print's inks also have economical advantages. 

Green4Print is known as a knowledge institute and the experience of its employees can help fighting these worldwide problems of food health and sustainability. Our philosophy is based on creating extra value for our clients and building a relationship with them. Together we can find solutions for the concerns about our environment.


Green4Print is the first company in its branch to receive this score. Material health is an important port of the whole Cradle-to-Cradle program, where they examines the identification and exposure of chemical toxics during the production, the use and the end of the use of the product. 

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