Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business operation and our ink production meet the standard of Corporate Responsibility. Green4Print’s sustainability, environmental and health policy is born out of respect and concern for our environment and what we do is driven by our sense of responsibility.

The working conditions of employees in the entire supply chain and the health of users of printed matter serve among other things as the basis for our product development and the implementation of our corporate philosophy. We see care for the environment as a key priority. As a supplier of print ink, we see it as our responsibility to lead the way with these areas of focus within our sector. For the sector and society in general, the pursuit of sustainability is the biggest and most important challenge. That we are tackling this challenge is not only visible in our products, but in every aspect of our business operations.

Driven by a clear vision of innovation, sustainability, ecology and health, we are:

1. pioneers in the field of environmentally friendly offset inks. 
2. working on reducing the environmental load due to our business operations.
3. focused on improving recycle-process and the use of renewable raw materials. 
4. motivated to work along with like-minded companies to improve the quality of the environment and improve the working conditions of employees.

We call this our integrated approach to environmental sustainability. We strive for business operations without any kind of harmful emissions, and a production process in which virtually no waste is created. We are confident that this is possible with time, effort and knowledge. Our business operations and product quality is tested and certified by external third parties like EPEA and ISEGA.


Green4Print is the first company in its branch to receive this score. Material health is an important port of the whole Cradle-to-Cradle program, where they examines the identification and exposure of chemical toxics during the production, the use and the end of the use of the product. 

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